Caravanning and camping in the great outdoors!

Yep, we’re really into the great outdoors, and we’ve smashed all records to prove it.

The latest figures released by Tourism Research Australia show unprecedented growth in camping and caravan holidays taken by us Aussies.   In fact the year ending September 2016 saw the highest overall visitor nights and recorded annual growth since data was first collected back in 1998.  How’s this for a jaw dropping stat – we clocked up  11.78 million night’s and 13% growth on the previous year.

Not sure when we Australians started our love affair with fresh air and open spaces.  Perhaps it was way back when we were little tackers and swinging on the Hills Hoist until it bent out of shape or we got yelled at!

Perhaps when we played’ What’s The Time Mr Wolf’ and ran a mile when Wolfie said dinner time?

Interestingly it is the younger generations behind the rise in caravan and camping popularity.  Who would have thought?  The 30-54 year olds make up 46%, well ahead of the 55 plus age group who come in at a respectable 29%.  The 20 to 29 year olds represent 18% of the market. 

Loving the grey nomads, and their place in caravanning culture.  They travel and linger longer accounting for 43% of caravan and camping nights.  Go, you good things.  However, danger lurks with 30-54 year olds right on their tails making up 40%.  Yikes!  Next years’ figures will make for interesting reading.

Of course campers and caravanners are all about pleasure and leisure with 81% travelling for the primary reason of a holiday.

Yes, we Aussies love the great outdoors, and why wouldn’t we?   We’re blessed with the best landscape in the world.