It’s All About the (Aaron’s Cubby) Details!

The Geelong Outdoor Living Show team believes in, and this should come as no surprise, the great outdoors.  You’ll find us out and about on most weekends, sucking in loads of fresh air.  When we’re not working on delivering another blockbuster show, we’re training in a park, or pounding the tan, with the occasional marathon thrown in for good measure.

These days our kids, (and we’re guilty to), seem glued to screens.  As David Bowie said in his song Life on Mars, “and she’s hooked to the silver screen”, isn’t that the truth?  That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Aarons Outdoor Living Geelong to the Geelong Outdoor Show.

Aarons Cubbies and Playgrounds range is designed to get kids outdoors and let their imaginations run riot.  Cubbies are basically miniature houses, and a perfect introduction to the land of ‘Let’s Pretend’.

Ok, so why an Aarons Cubby?  Well, it’s the little things.  Hardwood Jarrah trims and treated pine internal framework not only ensures the best quality, and super-duper looking cubby, but when it comes time for resale, you’re ensured of a good return.

With eight sizes, in four elevation kit heights, plus various imagination options, the possibilities are truly endless.

Have it on the ground, or above-ground complete with a climbing wall to get in, and a fun slide to whoosh down, with space underneath that is shady and cool.

If your kids are more into swashbuckling, high seas adventure, Aarons has Pirate Ships, guaranteed to please even the fussiest Jack Sparrow.

Aarons Outdoor Living Geelong has everything you and your child need for a safe outdoor play environment.  Let the games begin.

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